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Computer Vision

1. Object Detection
Object Detection in Industrial Environments

- R-CNN based Object Detection with Caffe
- Object Recognition using Selective Search
- Object Hypotheses using mutiple segmentation strategies
- Nearly 100% accuracy on the INRIA-IE dataset
- In publishing
2. Object Pose Estimation
Object Pose Estimation

- A convolutional network for feature learning
- ARToolKits
- Objects in industrial environments
- Regress the 6-DOF camera pose
3. Shape-based Object Recognition
Object Recognition using Coarse-grained Shape Features

- Shape Retrieval by Contour Segment Matching
- Shap Classification with Supervised Optimisation
- Gradient Hill Climbing with Simulated Annealing
- 86.3% Classification Rate on the MPEG-7 Dataset
- ICIP 2014, ICPRAM 2015
Object Recognition using Fine-Grained Shape Features
[Project 1] [Project 2]

- Shape-based Object Matching Using Point Context
- Object Matching with Hierarchical Skeletons
- Shape Interesting Point Detection with Overall Shape Trend
- Interesting Point Matching with High Order Graphs
- 99.21% Bulls-Eye Score on the MPEG7 Shape Dataset
- CORES 2013, ICMR 2015
Object Recognition using Integrated Shape Features

- Shape Retrieval by Contour Segment and Skeleton Matching
- Shape Matching Using Point Context and Contour Segments
- ACCV 2014, ICIP 2014

4. Environmental Microorganisms Classification
Shape-Based Classification of Environmental Microorganisms

- Coarse-Grained Shape Features
- Multi-Class Support Vector Machine

5. Contour Segment Descriptors
Evaluating Contour Segment Descriptors
[short] [full]

- Evaluating 27 Different Contour Segment Descriptors
- Open Curve Matching
- Sketch Matching
- Hungarian, DP and DTW Matching Algorithms
Stripe-based Object Matching

- Stripe-based Object Representation
- without any 3D Object Reconstruction Process
- Robust Point Context Descriptor
- Bhattacharyya Distance
- ICIS 2016

6. Computer Vision between Humans and Machines
Object Similarity by Humans and Machines

- 3D Object Matching and Retrieval
- AAAI MCP 2014
Skeleton Pruning by Human Perception

- Skeleton Pruning by Humans and Machines
- Skeleton Graph Matching
- ICIP 2016