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Other Projects

1. SiDiff Shape: A search engine for 2D shape matching and retrieval
Source Code (Java), Documents, Project
2. College Application System of Jilin Province (SSH, Orical, Weblogical, etc. Concurrent users: 20,000)
Due to the copyright, more information is not avalible here.
3. Full Text Search Engine (Heritrix + HTMLParser + QueryParser + Lucene)

Responsibilities: Team Leader, System Designer, Developer

Members: Cong Yang, Wenlong Du, Yao Wang, Shengnan Li

4. Online Qualification Search Engine for Jilin Province

Responsibilities: System Designer and Developer

Link can be found here (Copyright © Education Department of Jilin Province).

5. Sunyuan High School

Responsibilities: System Developer

Link can be found here (Copyright © Sunyuan High School).